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By Just Steve 1256 days ago Comments (2)

I find it incredibly hard to belive that so many disgusting people vistit this place. How many fat people can ride a scooter through the store at one time? And how come they always stack the isles with so much shit you can barely get your cart through? It's not very smart if you ask me. 

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  • Steven Spears 1256 days ago

    I've seen this myself at my local Wal-Mart. Another thing that worries me is the lack of skill from the cashiers. I've used the self-checkout and I think I'm not more qualified than some of them.

  • Demaspuhm 1256 days ago

    The stocking ability of the employees has gone downhill within the last few months. After a few encounters of outdated food I now make sure I check the dates on everything. I came across a bottle of jelly that had expired over a year ago. Also came across a jar of Alfredo sauce that had separated into layers. It was so gross. They are supposed to "zone" and check these things on each work shift. Huge fail in my opinion. Yay, we get to pick up the slack of someone else. ;)