By Just Steve 1234 days ago

I really enjoyed the original RoboCop when it came out and have so to this day, so when I learned there was going to be a remake I thought here was a chance to update the technology a bit and make him a little cooler than he was. But that was not the case. This movie was broing and looked like someone was trying to make an R rated movie PG-13.

The original was rated R for a reason and justliy so, and the reboot should have been as well. Detroit was too clean, it was gritty enough and there wasn't that sensles violence that was in the first. Just seemed all too damn clean for  city in chaos, or  a city that should have been. And the guy playing RoboCop didn't have the charisma to pull it off. Peter Weller had charisma whe he was in the suit and it bled through, but not this guy. I just didnt buy the emotional change and challeges he faced.

In closing, this just wasn't worth the money to make.

1 (1 Grades)